“Musical R Us” Online Performance

Today was the last day of “Musical R Us” class. And the kids did an Online Performance. THE MAGIC SNOW GLOBE CAST OF CHARACTERS Narrator: Samantha Chelsea: Bob (Emma) Amber: Sabrina Miranda: Cookie (Anna) Kailee: Helena Hazel: Arya Jessalyn: Vera Brooke: Gib (Gabby) Afton: George (Selina) Teacher: Ms. Laura Great-Grandma: Miss Lisa NARRATOR(Samantha):  Once upon […]

My “I Am” Poem

Hi again! I’m going to be sharing my “I am” poem with you all! hope you like it (by the way, I came up with all the words myself😎😉!) I Am Poem I am the only me I wonder if we will fly like the stars I hear nature calling for a friend I see […]

Hi everyone!

My name is Selina Fang, as you probably guessed😉! I love art and folding paper (like all kids, I LOVE candy!!!)